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About Us

"The BIGGEST little bass tournament" returns to beautiful Crow Lake for a seventh year!  Limited to just 50 teams, the Crow Lake Classic provides a unique opportunity for tournament anglers looking for bass fishing excitement.



Kakagi (Crow) Lake, just north of Nestor Falls and right across Highway 71 from Stevens Bay on Lake of the Woods, sits 60' higher in elevation and sends its crystal clear water north, eventually into Regina Bay on Lake of the Woods. Kakagi is a deep, spring-fed lake with depths up to 180 feet.

It is known for its majestic pine shorelines and rock walls that jutt out of the water and tower above, well over 250'. Kakagi is approximately 28,000 acres in size, about 15 miles long and up to 7 miles wide. It boasts some of the most productive lake trout water to be found anywhere. With good spawning reefs throughout the lake and deep water basins equally well distributed, lake trout thrive troughout the lake. Musky, smallmouth bass, northern pike and lake whitefish also inhabit Kakagi Lake, and many reach tophy size. Forage fish include perch, rockbass, sisco, lake shiners and a variety of other minnow species.

Kakagi is a boater's dream, with its crystal clear water, fantastic rugged scenery and a wide variety of wildlife and birds. In early to midsummer you can ofter find 50 to 100 loons festing together on the suspended shiner minnows. This type of behavior is rarely seen elsewhere and demonstrates the lake's productivity. Almost 300 large and small islands offer lots of places to explore and relax, and unique pebble beaches replace the sandy ones you find on Lake of the Woods.

Several small portage lakes close to Kakagi offer not only great fishing, but also opportunities to hike,view wildlife and enjoy Mother Nature. In winter, Kakagi is the gateway to a system of lakes and portages that stretches almost 60km east of Nestor Falls by snowmobile.


Crow Lake Classic Top Ten Teams for 2013

         Dan Kelly & Dan Joseph – 30.68 lbs. total weight

         Thatcher Haggberg & Jim Ducharme

         Steve Hanson & Jamie Krukoski

         Gerald Arch & Candi Kelly

         Byron Walker & Bart Gallant

         Luc Levesque & Margitta Mcleod

         Myron Tinklenburg & Brent Alkire

         Jon Evans & Dave Evans

         Dan Meckling & Dennis Meckling

         Ron Bridgeman & Pat Cross

Crow Lake Classic Winners for 2012


1st - Wayne Howard and Dean Howard - 30.92 total pounds (also won Biggest Fish Day 1)

2nd - Howard Paypomee and Howard Kabestra (also won Biggest Bag Day 2)

3rd - Steve Hanson and Jamie Krukoski (also won Biggest Bag Day 1)

4th - Dan Kelly and Dan Joseph

5th - Brent Alkire and Myron Tinklenburg (also won Biggest Fish Day 2)

6th - Gavin Cowley and Thomas White

7th - Luc Levesque and Margitta McLeod


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